When I see you, you see her.

In the days of addiction my name is hidden.


buy me Chanel…….. 



I hit on replay once you post it up… and started breaking down into tears.

What’s new, nothing. Not been satisfied with my performance lately. 

I want something interesting, someone who could make me feel special. 

To switch or not to switch life?

When I’m residing in my little land called Singapore, I did not notice a big norm. After residing away from my land for a little too long, I have started to realise something amazing. Most singaporean teenagers or early stages of a woman, ALL! ACTUALLY DO HAVE THE SAME KIND OF LOOKS. OH MY GOODNESS. no wonder people say asians look very much alike. Now i see singaporean teens look like they all come from the same family with the same makeup with the same dressing with the same kind of hairdo. Their fathers’ have some serious explanations to do. HAHA a joke. 

Honestly speaking, I missed all surprises back in those days. What am I gng to do?