When I see you, you see her.

In the days of addiction my name is hidden.

"You never know of that someone would rattle yr dirty little secret. And some parts are even translated wrongly, far from the truth. Because the truth that lies ahead is very degrading. Sigh judgment, I was all along wrong about the particular you, you and you"

Wanna fk his mind upside down till there’s no tomorrow. Narrow minded civil servant. Call yourself the upper rank. Authorities are used to discipline. Not to make fun. Disgrace to the nation! YOU

Many to have proclaim that relationships are based on a factor where like myself & he, shows it all. When we are in love we show it. When we are fighting, we show it. It’s written on our forehead. Even outsiders would say “oh-oh”

Some other factor is based on some people, despite all the fights, just appear to be perfectly fine on covers but extremely upset with each other. On the other hand, picturing to others that they are really happy but not allowing others to know that they aren’t.

Another factor, don’t even bother. Angry or feel loved, it’s just a secondary level where it becomes motionless, and I meant black in it’s own heart.

Which is better? I know which is ;)

head going to explode, rant

Bbboy two days ago headed to henderson camp for his start of his 2 long years journey, national service. The 2 years, why I questioned the government, why take the youth of young men that could carve out after starting a business or working under the stress of computer geeks. 

Girls like myself have the opportunity to go overseas to complete my studies so to gain insight of what the other country can offer me and the challenges I have to face and welcome with open arms. 

What Ive gathered from my bbboy, he cannot come out for the camp for 16days and will have to book into the camp again on the 17th day. The exact date he comes out is on the 25th June 2011 & returns on the 26th June 2011. Where is justice? This is life in singapore being a male man in the upper Pes and in the commando camp. After he told me that there will be swimming test of breast stroke for 50m. I freak out. He can’t swim. He seek advice from his upper & they told him “dont worry, there’s life guards” HELLO? where is the justice and where is the training? YOURE SUPPOSE TO TEACH A PERSON WHO DOESNT KNOW HOW TO SWIM! okay. nuff’

and wow, first thing people report to the base for ns, they proclaimed that 80% of the gf will break off with the bf. They really love to joke.

Mother nag everyday about australia accomodation as it is not even settled. It is not my fault to be in this circumstances. I, myself, do not wish to sleep on streets. I need to wait for my friend to come back from Indonesia than to proceed with the plans for accomodations. Why are you so stupid, mother? & father.

Oh well, at least i got two new pairs of pumps today from Jurong Point :D

I cannot wait to go brisbane & start a new life, i know it would be tough for bbboy & myself, we practically cannot communicate but only by emails. I know right. people have been asking why why why? WHY? WHY NOT ASK SINGAPORE, LOCAL UNIS > SMU, NTU, NUS > WHY REJECT ME?